Scrambled Limbs

by Scrambled Limbs

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This is the first EP/Mini-album by Scrambled Limbs. Recorded, mixed and mastered by one guy alone in his attic studio using whatever was lying around, it attempts to tell the tale of a musician re-discovering his musical identity, without really attempting to tell that tale at all.

Flitting from folk seen through the eyes of psych-pop to late 60s noise driven prog-lite, dancing from hypnotic off-kilter grooves across to slumping fuzz-drenched stomps, the EP is the result of hours of endless tinkering to bring you the vision of what Scrambled Limbs should be and feel like.


Vapour Trail - "One of the finest creators of psychedelic sonic tapestries in the business, Scrambled Limbs encapsulate everything that you love about Tame Impala and Pond in a way that's more rough, more psychedelic, and just generally more batshit..."

Psychedelic Sounds for the Soul - "Blown away by this EP... Foxygen meets Tame Impala dropping acid with Ty Segall"

Liverpool Sound & Vision - "Grooves that stride across several boundaries and taken to the edge of their limit... the musical palate is awash with colour and definition without looking as if the dyes and paints haven’t run into each other with gaudy tinted effect."

Loud Horizon - "Let’s just say it’s not quite your conventional pop song type. Thank goodness.... Songs like ‘Vacherin‘ tend to keep giving a lot longer, with each subsequent listen bringing something new and fresh that the listener had previously missed."

Words For Music - "Some crazy psychedelic sounds... Scrambled Limbs has pulled it off. With the vocals clear to hear and whirlwind like guitar riffs the song flows by without a care in the world."


Songs featured on monthly psychedelic compilations by The Active Listener and Psych Gazer, in addition to mixtapes by Clean Nice Quiet, Shake Hands with Danger Radio and The Musical Junkie.


released February 19, 2016

All songs written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Scrambled Limbs AKA Sam Rodwell



all rights reserved


Scrambled Limbs Leeds, UK

Lone musician playing classic inspired psych music recorded with far too little equipment

Former guitarist with psychedelia band Termite and Leeds based jam collective Inky Milk, Scrambled Limbs is the sound of a multitude of influences whisked together and curdled in a pan.
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Track Name: Tireless Persuit
It's a tireless pursuit that doesn't suit either of you as much as you'd like to think it does.
And if you sigh, explaining why it's otherwise (another lie), I think I might just walk
But I don't seem that sort

Mentioning it at all is more than I would have thought possible
a savage attack too much for us

With the moon, it's judging glance, fixated on this fateful dance, contorted figures at the side
Just picture-esque, and limitless, they mannifest in the ugliest recesses of your mind
Nothing more than your wants

There's a light on in the corner, I did try to warn you but I was shrugged off
The filament's flame dies and suddenly our cats eyes are blackened holes

So this is it, the final call, you had the chance, but you'd still prefer to make the least of it (your potential)
You're a coward for these coward's thoughts, a terrible stall to cause your downfall

With those eyes you're blind to your flaws.
A savage attack too much for us.
Track Name: Settle
Empty decrepit farmyard barns
Flat plains of the east
Silhouetted horses huddled in herds
As I rest my head upon the seat

Grey faceless small towns
Humbled copses, a tainted bridge
The dull dusk light
The eerie dismissal of the day

This long train, winding across the country
full of individuals who just want to be somewhere but aren't

All these lost birds that should be nested out of sight.
Not clutching to these industrial machines and sleeping in their rusted chassis

Distant lights suggest a civilisation in the vastness of this land
Somewhere to just settle in

Untouched by others – separate and alone with you
This is someones land and I will never know
I don't know where we are
I know where I'm going
I just don't want to
Track Name: Vacherin
It might be too far to go back now - will the bubble ever burst?
A generation with golden tongues spew words that lose their worth

Fleeting inflow

Pat each others backs till they cave - who's ever felt the strain
when finesse is an abscess rotting away the tender bone tissues?

Fleeting inflow
Oh Vacherin.
Track Name: Caked in Dust
Waste, I just keeping thinking waste
Wasted Potential
These limbs are caked in dust
Spiderweb forms glue him to the floor
Why move when you're so easily fed with no effort at all
I just keep thinking taste, taste the air
The sweet smell of success
It's quite distinctive - just like me I suppose
Needs figuring out

Figure me out

Back again, back again under the rest of you
And I don't know what I would rather do, I don't know what I would rather do

Run away? Run away
Crawl away? Crawl Away

Back again, back again under this starry night
No hazy weight of industrial lights
No lazy blockade of inferior minds

Run away, run away
Crawl Away, crawl away

Back again, back again from this point of view
Who's not to say I'm not struggling too?
Who's not to say 'we'd rather you...'

Run away, run away
Crawl away, crawl away

Back again, back again another repeat
the twists and turns of finality
the last chance pitch at humanity

Run away
Crawl away
Track Name: Reveal at Dawn
Meet me at the break of dawn
I've news to tell and blood to spill
Oh, you'd better hold on to your hats
This wind is going to be viscous
Fed from a saucerful of secrets
Each one eating away at me
The things I know... the things I know
And you will too...

The more you gravitate towards
gravitas the more you fall
Oh, if you save all of your secrets
to culminate in a big reveal
then, the more you end up lying
In order to keep them
The things you know...
And I will too...
Track Name: Bamboozled
Marching on the terrafirma till your path is blocked
Contained from all around by walls that encapsulate your world
To be that headstrong that I could just force my way through

Not once succeeding to break the barriers down
Trunk after trunk will stomp but these enforcements are sound
So willed but so weak I can not leave you all alone

I am the fool but you are bamboolzing me

So often it seems your world is twisted upsidedown
Unable to right yourself unless I am about
Scrambled limbs please just learn to stop and turn around

I am the fool but you are bamboolzing me