from by Scrambled Limbs



Marching on the terrafirma till your path is blocked
Contained from all around by walls that encapsulate your world
To be that headstrong that I could just force my way through

Not once succeeding to break the barriers down
Trunk after trunk will stomp but these enforcements are sound
So willed but so weak I can not leave you all alone

I am the fool but you are bamboolzing me

So often it seems your world is twisted upsidedown
Unable to right yourself unless I am about
Scrambled limbs please just learn to stop and turn around

I am the fool but you are bamboolzing me


from Scrambled Limbs, released February 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Scrambled Limbs Leeds, UK

Lone musician playing classic inspired psych music recorded with far too little equipment

Former guitarist with psychedelia band Termite and Leeds based jam collective Inky Milk, Scrambled Limbs is the sound of a multitude of influences whisked together and curdled in a pan.
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