Tireless Persuit

from by Scrambled Limbs



It's a tireless pursuit that doesn't suit either of you as much as you'd like to think it does.
And if you sigh, explaining why it's otherwise (another lie), I think I might just walk
But I don't seem that sort

Mentioning it at all is more than I would have thought possible
a savage attack too much for us

With the moon, it's judging glance, fixated on this fateful dance, contorted figures at the side
Just picture-esque, and limitless, they mannifest in the ugliest recesses of your mind
Nothing more than your wants

There's a light on in the corner, I did try to warn you but I was shrugged off
The filament's flame dies and suddenly our cats eyes are blackened holes

So this is it, the final call, you had the chance, but you'd still prefer to make the least of it (your potential)
You're a coward for these coward's thoughts, a terrible stall to cause your downfall

With those eyes you're blind to your flaws.
A savage attack too much for us.


from Scrambled Limbs, released February 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Scrambled Limbs Leeds, UK

Lone musician playing classic inspired psych music recorded with far too little equipment

Former guitarist with psychedelia band Termite and Leeds based jam collective Inky Milk, Scrambled Limbs is the sound of a multitude of influences whisked together and curdled in a pan.
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